Beards FTW!


Please read all the rules before submitting!

1) Post the picture in your own Tumblr blog.

2) Post the URL address for the post in your blog in the URL field in the form below (ex: http://YOURBLOGNAME.tumblr.com/post/19864732594).

3) There’s no need to add a Title or Description, as those will not be published. You can add a nice message that will be read only by us though. :)

4) Check the “I accept the Terms of Submission” box. (This is required by Tumblr, not us.)

5) Hit the Submit button ONLY ONCE.

6) Be patient! Your submission will be posted in about 24~48 hours.

- Be aware that we will just post good quality photographs of REAL beards.

- We will NOT post:
* stubble/five o’clock shadow;
* fake beards;
* unbearded people;
* children/babies;
* drawings;
* nudes;
* animated GIFs;
* photo sets (i.e. more than one picture in a single post);
* bad quality pics;
* promotion of other blogs or products.

(We reserve the right to reject any submission that we deem unsuitable for the reasons above or any other reason.)